Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quick Question for Readers

Hey there, Regular Readers,

Would you rather I posted all the video clips over at YouTube and then just provided links from here (the LabTails blog) to there?

Or would you rather view the videos here at the blog without having to follow a link?

My concern is page-loading time (how long it takes for LabTails to load on your computers), especially for anyone still using a dial-up connection.

I would in either case still post plenty of still camera shots here like usual. I just thought I'd ask.

Any preferences?

Joan (who really doesn't care; either way is just as easy on my end).


kate Flynn said...

Hi Joan,
I'm easy either way i'll go with the majority, but if i were to have a preference it would be to watch them from the blog.

kayceebeebee said...

I've been following your blog for about two months now and really do enjoy all the puppies! There sure is alot you've shared that I didn't know about having and raising dogs. They are so cute.

My preference would be to watch them from the blog. Thanks!

JuliaR said...

I have cable access so it is fast and I don't have issues. I also like to watch them from the blog but it really makes no difference to me either.

L^2 said...

Loving all the videos Joan! Willow and Stella are quite intrigued at times by all the adorable puppy noises.

Like everyone else has said, watching them from the blog would be my preference, but either way works just fine for me.

Anonymous said...

Definitely from the blog. No problems on this end!

Jamie said...

I enjoy the ease of watching from the blog. The pups are addicting. The kids and I love to watch the new clips.