Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pups Leave the Whelping Box!

For the very first time, I lifted the wall insert of the whelping box and allowed the pups to come out on their own. We thought we'd let them have a couple of minutes of exploring today, and here's the clip of that brief adventure!

Note as you watch that the pups are starting to consciously/deliberately wag their tails. They don't see well yet, but their sense of smell is very keen.

You'll also see once quick instance of Elsie almost leaning back on Black's head (what we still have to keep an eye on when Elsie is with the pups).

They're growing up! And, yes, they're only 17 days old in this clip (I shot is about two hours ago). Helping me in the clip are Chris (DD's significant other) and Aunt Jeanie (my twin sister).


Oh, and as always with the YouTube videos, you may have to wait a few minutes after I post this (11:03 p.m. 9/12) for YouTube to process the video (it's already uploaded there).


teresamc said...

That made me smile so much -- and hearing you all narrating for the pups was so cute. Keep sharing. My family and I are enjoying your grandpups soo much.

Joan said...

Teresa, I'm glad the pups make you smile (I was hoping they would). I was a little concerned they might make you feel your loss more intensely, but it sounds like you're enjoying our craziness here. :o)

I'll keep posting! All the best to you and your family!


kate Flynn said...

Wow i can't believe the progress in such a short time, they are so grown up- i loved watching them all negociate the small step over from the box to the floor- what clever babies, and Elsie as ever is looking beautiful :0)