Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eigth Weeks Old! Our Last Day as a Litter!

Miss Pink enjoys an early morning romp with the stuffed pheasant.

I'm gonna miss you, Daddy Don. But I know my new family will love me lots.

I'm gonna miss you, too, Daddy Don.  But my new family will love me lots, too!

Daddy Don (aka, DH) enjoys his last early morning puppy therapy (6 a.m.).

The fleecy stuffed alligator belongs to Miss Pink.  Or at least she thinks so.

Sarah (aka, DSD), enjoys one final puppy lap time.

Aren't I handsome in my new blue collar!  I'm a big boy now, and I can do steps!

The girls.

Miss Lime can handle the big steps; Miss Pink isn't quite so sure.

Maybe not.


There's one!

Oooooo... that's two!


Momma Joan hides behind the tree, and then she calls us.  We have to find her without being able to see her. That helps us learn to follow sound.

If we keep out bottoms on the ground, Momma Joan will give us a treat!

The view from above.

Master Green on the prowl.

Momma Joan is playing follow the leader!  Oh boy!

Master Yellow ascends the big steps.

She's a big girl with her big girl collar on!

Master Yellow, Miss Pink and Master Blue

Master Yellow got the polka dot collar since we couldn't find a yellow collar.

Our last puppy pile, just before Miss Lime's new mommy arrived.

Watcha doin' Momma Joan? 

Master Red is our water baby! :)  It was a hot one today!


Dianna said...

Joan,your puppies are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss the puppy updates!!

dakota13 said...
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dakota13 said...

Joan, thank you so much for your posts about your adorable puppies! Just having gotten a beautiful new golden puppy, I am amazed at how wonderful you are with yours & how wondeerful you train them for their forever families. They are truly blessed to have had you as their first loving human mommy!! Any puppy would be so honored to have their life begin with you & your family! I don't know how you let them go, my heart would be breaking...but I know that all of the new owners are so blessed to have one of your puppies. I will miss your posts & videos. I'm so looking forward to the next litters!! I've learned so much from you! Thank you so much!!


Missy D. said...

SNIFF SNIFF!!! I'm so sad!!!! I wish them wonderful forever homes.. I hope they are treated as wonderful as they have been by you and your family... It's so sad that they have to go! BOO HOO!