Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Happy Update: The Little Guy is Just Fine :o)

Here's the Rudy boy romping yesterday (he's acting like an impish normal puppy again -- no more fever since last Friday, no more discomfort). He's running, trotting, playing, jumping, bounding up and down steps, and wrassling with his brothers (even pinning them, though they outweigh him now by a few pounds since his GI upset last week). He's alerting well to birds and overhead sounds outside; he's crouching and pouncing when he's in play mode; he's leaping from hammock to hammock. And he's becoming Tuc incarnate: Tuc now has a competitor in raiding the pantry (up goes another gate)!

Here he is at play:

Yes, that's my shoe (he was so proud of himself, prancing with my shoe through the family room like it was treasure):

Doing the creeping lion stealth-walk (Look out; I'm ready to pounce!):

Exploring with his nose to the ground (boy oh boy, does this little guy have his dad's scent drive!):

Jumping from hammock to hammock:

Chewing on the hammock (a favorite, but technicially forbidden - ha! - puppy pastime at our house):

Alerting to birds he hears in the woods next to our home:

Raiding the pantry (same kind of tortilla chips Tuc raided a couple months ago -- hmm.... must be tasty!):

What I think I'm enjoying most about this little guy right now is his desire to be with and touch his people (he's a lap dog for sure -- constantly curling up in my lap when I sit on the floor or on top of my feet when I sit in a chair). He's nearly housebroken, too (something I credit to work his previous owners did with him -- they did a good job).

I don't know why I'm surprised at his unreserved affection; but I am, delightfully so (it's like an unexpected gift). I guess I shouldn't be, though: he's just turning out like his mom and his dad and his littermates. In any case, he's a loving (impish) boy.

He is, well ... just acting like a Lab. ;o)

And that's as it should be.

'Til next time,

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