Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Experiences - A Pup Perspective

Ohboyohboyohboyohboy! We got to do some new stuff this weekend. Ohboyohboyohboyohboy!

First, we got to smell Dad after he got back from something called "huntin" (he smelled really good -- like mud and woods and grass and water and other critters and skeet Dad, only better).

Momma Elsie sniffed him with us. That made it even more fun (and not scary at all).

We were so excited we forgot we're not supposed to jump up on people. But it was just so hard to resist -- 'cuz even his butt smelled interesting!

We were so interested we even hung out sniffin' after Momma Elsie was done. In case ya don't know, that's pretty long focus for pups like us.

Then we learned that we can even find ice outside (instead of just from that big noisy white box in the kitchen that growls before it gives us ice cubes). It covered everything -- you shoulda seen it. And we must've grown a whole bunch 'cuz we could reach the tree limbs now and chew the ice off 'em (well, maybe the weight of the ice on the limbs had somethin' to do with it):

Then Momma Elsie showed us how we can break the crunchy ice up on the hammocks and eat it -- yum, yum:

Sometimes she shared with us.

Then we figured it out on our own. Once I tried it (me, Rudy), it felt sooooooo cool going down the ol' gullet (yes, that's me swallowing below, not barking) ...

...that it made me feel like dancing!

Well, we better get back to playin' -- we're having entirely too much fun in this shiny, slippery, glimmering new world. Momma Joan says it comes from freezing rain, whatever that is.

All we know is it's pretty...

and it's fun. That's all from us for now.


The Pups


Anonymous said...

Those dogs have quite a life. When I die, I hope I'm reincarnated as one of your labs.

Cindy D.

Anonymous said...

Those dogs have quite a life. When I die I hope I'm reincarnated as one of your labs.

Cindy D.

Charlie said...

That Mr. Red is quite a sweetie!

Chester's Mom said...

What great pictures (as always!) Just wondering, do you trash alot of your shots of your dogs? I was just out with Chester and I have more bad pictures than good. He's either moving and blurry or just as the shutter snaps he looks the other way. (I do use the high speed setting) The pictures I take inside his eyes always look half shut. Yours are always perfect. The one of "disco Rudy" is hilarious!