Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas -- A Few Pics

Okay. So I go outside this morning to capture the canine crew on video with my new, handy-dandy, 60 GB, Canon HD Vixia HG20 (whatever that is). It's supposed to be a point-and-shoot digital camcorder -- you know, the idiot-proof kind.

So I get all these really cool interactions: tug-o-war between Rudy and Elsie and Pinot; Kenya doing her infamous butt-wiggle-tail-wag (which I can never quite capture in a still shot); Bear getting a belly rub from DH; Rudy prancing after he commandeered the rope from the girls; Baxter being his lumbering, gentle-giant self; Ridge feeling feisty again (hehe... poor boy); Pinot nudging me for attention; Kenya climbing up on the picnic table to show Daddy Don her bone (she's just so special! - hehe).

You get the idea: all kinds of really cool clips.

So I go inside to play the clips back (sunlight is incredibly bright and brutal in the morning here in winter so I couldn't see the screen well outside), and do you know what I captured on the camera? The rug. The family room rug. For about four seconds.

That's it.

Apparently I was pushing the wrong button the whole time I thought I was recording.

Idiot-proof, eh? Well I must be an idiot (hehe - or technology challenged).

So here are some pictures from Christmas morning (Sarah giving Elsie some attention and Baxter enjoying a bone -- all the canine kids get yummy bones for Christmas day).

So now, I guess I have to go read the camcorder manual.

What's another learning curve, eh?

'Til next time,
Joan (who will try again later today with taking videos)


scargosun said...

Learn quick! I want some Labby video! ;)

Kelly said...

I love the Christmas photos. Your dogs look so happy!!

Chester's Mom said...

I feel your pain! I always try to figure out technical stuff on my own before reading the manual and usually end up paying the consequences. Don't worry, with your crew I'm sure you will have plenty of new fun to video from your gang! Looking forward to seeing some Lab action!

JuliaR said...

Happy new year to you and your gang!