Friday, December 12, 2008

Mr. Lime has a Family!


Sweet, snuggly bouncy bear Mr. Lime officially has a family to call his own! Dh and I are both tickled and relieved to know he'll have a wonderful new owner (as we have been with all our pups' placements), and we're delighted to see how well-suited he is to his new situation (it seems an ideal match -- it just took that special someone!).

Mr. Lime will be leaving us tomorrow morning to live in Maryland with a gal who has had labs (and other dogs) before and whose living situation allows someone to be with Lime essentially 24/7 -- he really is going to become their sidekick (something Labs relish in general, but Mr Lime in particular!). And though we'll miss him (we have, of course, grown quite attached to him and all the pups from this litter), we're very happy for him and for the new life he has in store.

So here's the guy who's saying goodbye:

But from another perspective, he's really saying "hello" to a better-than-we-could-have-hoped-for life where he'll receive the kind of one-on-one love, inclusion, and attention we could never hope to give him here.

Matching pups with their people/living situations gives us great joy; and that's the part of breeding that makes it worthwhile.

Now we just need to find the right something for Red. We've had some nibbles, and one really serious possibility that seems ideal (except for a potential allergy issue), but no definites yet. He's still snuggling here with us.

And so it goes.

'Til next time,


Chester's Mom said...

Congratulations to Mr. Lime and his new found family. Sounds like a win-win situation for all! I had a special place in my heart for him after he bounced back from his awful time with Parvo. I will miss him but sounds like he is going to a good home and for that we can all do the "happy dance!"

kayceebeebee said...

What will he be called? How lucky for him to have someone to be with him 24/7!