Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Favoirte Pics of the Week of December 15

The Elsie Girl:

Rudy and Momma Elsie:

Mr. Red and Momma Elsie:

Rudy challenges Mr. Red to romp:

Mr. Red's responds to Rudy's romp-challenge from atop the deck (above):

The pups head into their hiding place to romp:

The hiding place:

Elsie checks out where her boys hide:

Rudy enjoys ice and snow beneath the arborvitae:

Rudy chomps on Mr. Red's tail:

Rudy wrassles Mr. Red:

Mr. Red tries to get away, but Rudy won't quit:

Rudy exacts his pound of flesh:

Mr. Red' revenge:

Rudy hears geese:

Elsie hears geese:

Mr. Red finds a run-off puddle filled with ice water and leaves:

Rudy wonders about what Mr. Red found (the puddle):

Rudy and Mr. Red investigate together:

Mr. Red takes a break beneath the oak tree:

Rudy explores with Momma Elsie:

Mr. Red plods along:

Mr. Red has a nose like his canine dad, Ridge:

Not to be outdone, Rudy thinks he's a blood hound/pointer mix:

Like mother, like sons:

Rudy and the water bowl (visions of Pinot anyone?):

Ahhhh.... if nothing else, they keep us entertained!

'Til next time,


kayceebeebee said...

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for my puppy "fix" for the day! They sure are nice looking dogs.

Mary said...

There is nothing better than a Mother/Son outing in the snow to make you smile. Oh jealous rans supreme over here because you are having so much fun with the puppies!

Thoughts said...

Wow, I cant believe how big they are getting already! Its crazy! They are all such beauties!

scargosun said...

They are just too wonderful. They make my heart swell in all their puppy glory.

Chester's Mom said...

What great pictures! I love the ones with Elsie and her boys. They are growing and filling out so beautifully.