Monday, December 08, 2008

Recent Pictures that Warm My Heart or Make Me Smile (with Titles)

Our Labs continue to sooth my soul and bring joy to my heart. Perhaps they will yours, too. Enjoy!

The Overgrown Jack Rabbit (aka Mr. Red):

Where Ya Goin? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Where Ya Goin? Huh? (aka Rudy, our delightful new forever addition):

Isn't She Lovely? (aka Kenya )(forgive the borrowed song title, but it seemed apropos - the sweet Kenya Wiggle Butt grows more gorgeous every day):

Hot Stuff!, or Look at Me Now! (aka Mr. Lime):

Saddle Up Your Horses!, or Where's the Fire? (aka Mr. Red):

Please, Dad, Pretty Please? (aka Elsie with DH):

Taking Flight, or Me and My Shadow (aka Pinot):

Nya, Nya, Ny-Nya, Nya (aka Tuc teasing Elsie):

Let Me Outta Here!, or You-Can-Wish-All-You-Want-But-If-You-Want-Something-You-Gotta-Take-Action! (aka Tuc, with Pinot and Elsie):

The Tease (aka Mr. Lime, behind the bush, and Mr. Red in hot pursuit):

The Overgrown Jack Rabbit Returns:

The Revenge of the Overgrown Jack Rabbit (aka Mr. Lime):

I Wonder as I Wander, or The Lightbulb's Half On (aka Pinot):

Oh Boy, He Touched Me! (aka Ridge with DH):

The Joy of Running (aka Kenya):

Whoa! (aka Ridge, Elsie, and Kenya):

Life in the Fast Lane!, or When You're in the Lead You Have to Look Over Your Shoulder (aka Kenya, Tuc, Ridge, Pinot, and Elsie):

The Tenderness of a Father's Love: (aka DH with Rudy):

'Til next time,


JuliaR said...

If I lived near you, I'd be over every day to walk some of your dogs! I should get one myself but I just can't at the moment. They look like they are having such fun.

Meesh said...

They make me smile too! If you're like me you never get tired of watching your labs. They are such lovers of life and your photos do a great job of capturing their joy. The pups look great and are filling out. I can't believe how big the Tucmeister is getting. Kenya is such a gorgeous girl too. And it's good to see Elsie the good mom is really back to romping again-AND leading the pack! And Pinot with those "I adore you eyes". They are ALL beautiful dogs and I consider you a very lucky gal for being able to "hang with the big dogs" Chester's mom

Monica said...

Look at Mr. Red go! Love that picture! He looks like such a confident little guy. I know what you mean about the snow and how much they love it. My girl just can't wait to be let out after a snowfall and just romps and plays. I love watching her. Great pictures, Joan!