Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 61 and Holding

So we're still in holding pattern. 

What, on Saturday (Day 59), looked exactly like Stage One labor for Elsie's first two litters (and Kenya's, too, for that matter) stopped Sunday afternoon (yesterday).  Remember, Elsie previously delivered her pups on Days 58 and 59. I was sure we were going to see puppies (her temperature has stayed down, too).  Today is Day 61.

The Elsie girl is just hanging out, sleeping comfortably in the sun.

When she's up and around, you can see she's carrying much lower now (you can almost see rib definition again):

Her bulge has moved from high on both sides to low around her belly, and farther back toward her hips.

And though she was making like she was moving into Stage Two in the middle of the night again last night (panting, more frantically nesting, pacing, wanting to go out every few minutes, wanting lots of reassurance, etc...) all that has stopped again.  Thankfully we have not yet seen any hard contractions (that's a good thing; she's not pushing yet). I'd be worried if she were pushing and not progressing (that's a different story all together).

She's in no hurry, though. Nor are the puppies. They have a timing all their own. I'm the only one who wonders (and sometimes worries, but not often, at least not yet):

Pinot, on the other hand, is dying to know where those puppies are. Oh, she knows what's coming; I'm sure of that (she's so excited). Remember, she was born in the very same place:

But like the rest of us, she's just going to have to wait.
Stay tuned.  It's got to be sometime soon.

And I'll update you when the blessed even begins! :)

Until then,


JuliaR said...

Thanks for the update! I have been compulsively hitting "refresh" all day! Glad to hear all is well. Good ole Elsie.

Mary said...

I don't know, the last picture of Elsie looks like she is thinking, "what the heck is taking those puppies so long?" Hope it's soon for all of you!

Irene Johnson said...

Love that picture of Elsie! So sweet. Thanks for keeping us posted!