Monday, March 28, 2011

Still Waiting; Not Worried (yet)!

Just so you don't worry, here are a few shots of Elsie taken in the last hour.

Today is day 61 of gestation. Though her temperture is down (98.2), she didn't eat dinner (but she ate breakfast), she's nesting, and her belly is making all kinds of noises, she doesn't seem to be in any hurry. And she's showing no signs of discharge or contractions. She, in fact, seems just fine, albeit a little uncomfortable with that belly of hers:

We're trying to take our cues from her, and she is not showing any signs of distress. The puppies are still moving and active. So we're assuming all is well, just different this time. But because this is not the typical presentation of an Elsie whelping experience, I felt more comfortable calling our veterinarian.

I just got off the phone, and Elsie's doc is not concerned. Not yet, anyway. We're just going to watch her closely overnight (do what we've been doing) and hope things progress as they should by morning.

Okay, puppies, you can come out now!

Until then,


Monika Smith said...

Oooo I really can go to bed now!!! Glad vet says all ok. Will look for news in the morning. Big belly rub to Elsie and plenty of coffee for nanny to be!!!

Charlie said...

Thanks for calling the vet. I feel better now!
- Anne

Mary said...

Oh girl is workin this for all it's worth. : ). Hope you get some rest tonight and we have puppies tomorrow!!!

JuliaR said...

I dreamed about Elsie last night! I was walking her and I kept checking to see if puppies were dropping behind!