Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Elsie with her First Born (short video)

Note, Mommy canines are not the epitome of gentleness about grooming their newborns. :)

Elsie is incredibly possessive and protective of this little one. In past litters, when her contractions have started again for the next whelp, we've been able to put the delivered pups in a warming/holding box right next to the helping box to protect them from her delivery movements.

Not this time, apparently. When we try to move the pup, Elsie takes the pup (by head or rear) to carry it back next to her.

We'll see what happens after the next arrives (Miss Lime's placenta finally just delivered, so Elsie is contracting again).

More to come!

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mary ellen said...

there wasn't a video with this posting, unless it's my laptop that's misbehaving again. hope they are all delivered by now..and that all is well