Thursday, March 31, 2011

Master Red Joins Master Blue and Miss Lime!

Four pups so far!!

Here, Master Red (3rd born, a boy, black, weighing 15 ounces) joins his littermates while Elsie gets ready to whelp Master Green (the 4th born, another black male, also weighing 15 ounces).

Most of the video captures their movement and "song" but toward the end, the "mute" button on the TV gets undone (you'll hear it; just don't want you startled!).


Mango said...

I can see why the pups are better off in the nest while mom works on getting the next one out, but it is sad to hear them calling for each other. Get some rest. Good luck.

Mango Momma

Missy D. said...

How every exciting. They are so precious. I'm sure a nice snooze will do you some good. Looking forward to see how things are going now... the first four couldn't be cuter.