Sunday, March 27, 2011

No Pups Yet, But All is Well

Just a quick update:  Elsie is fine. She's just taking her sweet time hanging out in Stage One of her labor.

She was up most of the night nesting (digging in the carpet by the sofa) and wanting to go out. The pups have dropped, they're very low in her belly, and I can feel them very close to, if not entering, the birth canal. They're also quite active, kicking and wiggling up a storm. So all is well still.

Stage One can last 24 hours, and often does. It just hasn't typically for Elsie that I recall.  And I guess I didn't expect it to since this is her third litter.

We've decided that she "knows" it's her last litter, so she's milking the experience for all it's worth. :)  She must get quite a kick out of me waltzing around the back yard in the middle of the night wrapped in a blanket following her with a flashlight in twenty-degree weather (lol... her revenge maybe!).

Oh, and Pinot "knows" what's happening, too.  She keeps climbing up on the couch and looking over the brick wall to see if the puppies are in the whelping box. She keeps looking for them there. She should know; she was born in the same place 3.5 years ago. :)

So no worries here.  Stay tuned.

I'll put pics up shortly after the first arrives! :)

Until then,

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Penny said...

Hope you've been able to get a little sleep too Joan.