Monday, March 28, 2011

Puppy Movement in Utero

If you're interested, this short video clip captures some of that the pups' movements look like on Elsie's belly. Some are difficult to catch, but some are very clear.

The movement begins with a couple bumps just above and to the right of center. Then drops to center and low center and low center-left.  Have fun! :)


Sue said...

that was so awesome to see!! thanks for sharing Elsie! Looking forward to seeing your beautiful babies :)

JuliaR said...

Isn't it amazing?
When does Elsie start producing milk? It isn't right away after they are born, is it? When do the newborns start to suckle? I forgot all this from the last time!

Joan said...

Julia, Elsie's milk is all the way in now (has been since last week). If we pull on a teat (imagine milking a cow, but smaller), we can spray across the room. :) LOL... She's actually been dripping lately. Those pups have to come out soon!

Penny said...

I'm thinking of jumping on a plane and crossing the pond to give Elsie a big squeeeeeeze!!