Friday, March 25, 2011

Elsie, the Bubble-Bellied Hippo

LOL... okay, so that's not very nice.  But we have to laugh.  The poor girl is just getting so big and looks so uncomfortable. 

But she's as sweet and as uncomplaining as ever.

Here she is in all her Day 58 glory (she whelped Day 58 with her first litter and Day 59 with her second -- this is her third and final litter):

Me thinketh she has-eth more-eth than five-eth puppies in there-eth!

We'll know soon enough. 

Still waiting,



Erin said...

Rosa was WAY smaller than that and had 8 in there! I thought for sure Rosa had no more than 5!!!!! CANT WAIT TO HEAR THE UPDATE!

JuliaR said...

I noticed that I had marked "Elsie due to whelp" on my calendar for tomorrow. She looks stuffed FULL of puppies! What a sweet thing.

Missy D. said...

The poor girl does look quite uncomfortable with that big ole belly... she cute cute cute!!! GOOD LUCK!

Mango said...

Oh my! Could she possibly get any bigger? Poor thing.

Mango Momma

Mary Ellen said...

she surely looks like she's ready to get this over with...maybe tonight..