Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Bad Poem in Honor of National Pet Week

In honor of National Pet Week, I promised to post a list of how our canine kids make a difference in our lives. My list turned into a poem (and, I’ll admit it’s a bit sappy, and a poet I am not), but I'll post it all the same. Enjoy!

To Baxter, Elsie, and Ridge:

When you nudge us when we’re busy
Or you greet us at the door
You make us feel like heroes
coming home from distant shores.

When you shred the loveseat’s pillows
Or dig up another plant
You remind us life is more than things
We do not need to rant.

When you munch on our new sneakers
Or chew up another book
Your dancing eyes of innocence
Almost get you off the hook.

But we know you need attention
So we scratch behind your ears,
And our blood pressures get lower,
Adding numbers to our years.

When you nuzzle out our sadness
Or you dance within your dreams
You help us to remember
Life is better than it seems.

When you wag your tails with gusto
Or you wiggle with delight
You fill our hearts with laughter
As we giggle at your plight.

When you nestle in for slumber
With your heads upon our laps
You teach us to tread slowly
And to make more time for naps.

When you nudge us when you’re hungry
Or you want to play some more
You make us find more time for fun
and for wonders to explore.

When you moan with satisfaction
Or sigh with rest-filled peace
You remind us that life’s little things
Can help our strivings cease.

So, Baxter, Ridge, and Elsie,
You’ve enhanced our lives ten-fold
Where would we be without you?
Prob'ly weary, dull, and cold.

Happy National Pet Appreciation Week!

‘Til next time,

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