Saturday, May 21, 2005

One Smart Boy

Baxter's got it all figured out.

You see, he's tired of Ridge humping him. For Ridge, in lieu of in-heat-and-prime-for-mating Elsie, anything on four legs will do, including the Baxter Boos.

So when I let them outside together (with Elsie crated inside), Ridge chases Baxter all over the backyard until both of them are ready to drop. And when Baxter finally quits and lies down , Ridge jumps all over him (his head, his back, his rump...doesn't matter...wherever Ridge can get a hold of is fine with him). Then the riding begins.

Poor Boos. He's had enough.

So...get this...(are you ready for Baxter's supreme display of intelligence?)...Baxter figured out that if he climbs up on top of the picnic table Ridge can't get to him there.

LOL. Boos is desperate. So now he plays King of the Mountain.

The last time I let them out together I found Baxter standing squarely in the center of the picnic tabletop with Ridge running circles around it.

Smart boy. I think I'll let him keep his refuge for now. He's going to need it at least another week.

Now if only I could find a mountain (or picnic table) for me.

'Til next time,
(who, btw, was desperate enough to call the vet today; the docs are calling back about possibly giving Ridge a mild tranquilizer--I kid you not--this dog is in major frustration mode and letting us all know about it 24/7. I'll keep you posted.)

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