Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Elsie's Growing Up

Poor Elsie. She's not a "little girl" any more; no more puppydom for her.

Yes. She's experiencing her first heat cycle, and she seems completely annoyed by it all. I don't blame her.

She's more subdued than normal.
She needs more hugs.
She's less adventurous outdoors (pretty much stays on the deck).
She doesn't seem to feel terrific (do dogs get cramps?).
She doesn't seem keen on washing herself all the time.
She hates wearing "fancy pants" (what we call her sanitary belt/pad) indoors.
She hates cycling in and out at different times from Ridge, our unneutered male.
She really hates being crated when Ridge is out.
And she hates everyone fussing with her butt (canines and people alike).

LOL. Poor girl. It's just part of growing up.

Baxter is oblivious for the most part; Elsie and Baxter are still buds.

Ridge is going wild. Poor boy.

Sorry, Ridge. You've got to wait at least another 14 months 'til Elsie is cleared to breed. Hang in there.

And Elsie, sweet girl: please understand that we crate you and separate you from the boys for your own good--we're protecting you. Honest.

It's funny how raising dogs and raising kids can be so alike sometimes.

Go figure.

'Til next time,

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