Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Safe Places

I wrote earlier this week about Baxter's new safe place atop the picnic table, the place where he goes to get away from Ridge's testosterone-driven affections.

Elsie has a safe place now, too: under the arbovite at the corner of the deck.

The only evergreen in our backyard, the 20-foot shrub holds a number of bird feeders. Hearing the birds hidden within, Elsie has been fascinated with this tree since her arrival eight months ago. She's alert to bird calls and wants to investigate them wherever she finds them.

At one time the arbovite's lower branches brushed the ground, and song birds hid there. Not anymore.

Elsie has seen fit to clean out underneath the tree , creating a cool shady place for respite from the heat. Funny thing was, I had planned to clean out under the bushy evergreen; it had become quite overgrown. I had even planned to prune its lower branches.

Now there's no need. The Elsie Squirt (aka Doctor Destructo) ripped the lower branches from the trunk so she'd have room to rest underneath and a place where she could peek up through remaining branches to keep eye on the birds above. Elsie, the tree trimmer. Gotta love her.

Not only does Elsie go to her base-of-the-tree hideaway when she's hot; she tries to hide her toys there to keep them away from Baxter. When Baxter and Elsie play, she high-tails it to beneath the tree thinking she'll get away from him.

The girl is seriously deluded. A 20-foot arbovite stop Baxter? Not in this lifetime.

So her safe place isn't as safe as she thought it was. Guess she'll have to find a new one.

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Anonymous said...

Once my lab was on the back deck looking into the yard. She let out a very audible gasp when she saw a huge black bird out there!!!! She also ran patrol and kept the 3 huge birds from landing in the yard and stopped the squirrels from coming down low on the pecan tree, shaking their tails, and laughing at you! HA HA.....