Monday, May 30, 2005

Elsie's Smiles

Phew. Elsie is finally past her prime fertility time, and her heat is passing. Don is back from Ireland; Ridge is sane now (even without Benedryl); I'm over my food poisoning; and life is back to some semblance of normal (is there such a thing?). Can you hear us dancing?

And now I have time to notice the little things once again. Like Elsie's smiles.

A long time ago, some old fuddy-duddy told me dogs don't smile (I can't remember who). He said they were incapable of smiling, especially since they are incapable of emotion. And I believed him. Once. Many years ago. When I was young, naive, and gullible.

Well, dear old FD whoever you are (or were), I now beg to differ. Our Elsie Girl and Baxter Boos both smile. But Elsie's smiles are more visible (Baxter's get lost in his black sheen).

And Elsie only smiles when...well...when she's smiling--when she's happy, excited, or feeling upbeat. She doesn't smile when she's sad or tired or lonely or has been reprimanded. Her smiles aren't gastric reflexes as some claim; they seem to be genuine smiles to me.

Call me crazy. But I know our canine kids smile sometimes. Truly. With emotion. When they're happy or glad to see us. When they just can't contain themselves.

Okay. So I might be guilty of anthropomorphizing the dogs, but who cares? They really do smile. You'll never convince me otherwise. :o)

And their smiles make me smile, too.

'Til next time,
Joan (who is feeling MUCH better)

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