Friday, May 13, 2005

Dad...I need a hug. Mom's gone the WHOLE weekend doing that speaking thing again. :o(  Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

I especially like the many pictures on your blog site!!!! This one reminds me of my lovely departed black lab. They have such enthusiastic, rich lives!!!

Joan said...

Before we welcomed Baxter, Elsie, and Ridge to our lives, we had Stoney (a black female) and Strider (a yellow male). Strider, at age 12, died first from a ruptured tumor we didn't even know he had; Stoney, who was two years older, died six short months after Strider.

We didn't last long without a Lab in the house. We just didn't like how sterile the house felt without the enthusiasm and joy of our Labs.

We welcomed Baxter to our lives just six months after Stoney died. He was seven weeks old and filled the house with life again.

Ridge came just six months after that (he was three years old when we bought him).

Then Elsie came, as an eight-week-old, just five months after Ridge's arrival.

And our home is full again.

It'a amazing how they add to our lives!

Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

That's fun to hear the parade of dogs!!! Baxter's coat is so shiny. You can tell he's healthy.
My lab had been sisters with this part chow-malamute female we found wandering the street. Then I took in the white with brown sprinkly spots coonhound my daughter had taken in but not for long as there was no fence and she got into heat!! This dog is enthusiastic like a lab, crazy thinking like a hound, and also will let my own things lie.
So it's still exciting, though not as over the top fun as labs are!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops! Forgot to say they have loads of fun saying hello to the part lab next door, as well as all taking off in running circles.
They have also collaborated on digging a "Husky Hole" under the deck steps and through the nice white pebbles I had back there. So far they are down 2' and across 4' and right up next to the house's brick. No idea if that is bad for the house yet!!!

Joan said...

Wow, you really have your hands full! I'd love to see how you handle this "husky hole" thing. So far, we only have one digger, and that seems to be contained pretty well.