Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Wonder Drug

The Doggie Doc called back. :o)

To help Ridge stay sane through Elsie's current heat cycle, the vet suggested giving him 50-75mg of Benedryl two time daily. If that doesn't work, we can call back and he'll prescribe a mild sedative.

We're into the second day of our Benedryl trial, and I must say, it's a wonder drug.

Ridge has eaten twice! (He hadn't eaten in five days and was losing weight.)
He no longer howls. :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o)
He sleeps!

Wow! I never realized a tiny pink pill (well, three actually) could make such a difference. I've been giving Ridge 75 mg morning and evening, and it's helping.

Oh, he's still rammy. And he still wants to be with Elsie. And he still paces in his crate when Elsie is out. And he's still amorous with Baxter (who still resorts to the picnic table).

But he's sane rammy (is there such a thing?). And I don't need earplugs.

Phew. We might get through this afterall.

Just think, Hon (dear hubby Don who is in Ireland), if you're reading this, all the excitement will be over by the time you jump back over the pond. Imagine what you've been missing! ( can stop celebrating now).

Til next time,
Joan (who is breathing one huge sigh of relief)


L^2 said...

Glad to hear things are calming down a bit for you :-)
I found out today that the guy who has one of Stella's sisters (Butter) is going through the same thing right now, because along with their dogs the guy & his wife are taking care of their son's male, chocolate Lab for a while. They described their situation much the same way as you have. Perhaps I should suggest he ask the vet about the Benedryl too. :-)

Joan said...

Thanks. It is much saner, and we only have a few more days of this to go (I think).

Yes, do suggest that the people who have Stella's sisters contact their vet about Benedryl. Ridge seems completely fine on it; just calmer.

I truly had no idea Elsie's heat would be this hard on him.