Monday, March 22, 2010

Kenya's Litter's In-Utero X-Rays (untouched)

Okay... so here's the best I can do for now.

NOTE:  if you click on the images, they enlarge in a separate window for you. :) But wait to read the explanations first.

The top of this image is Kenya's spine; her ribs clearly visible toward the left. The dark splotches below her spine are mostly things like fecal matter in her intestines (aka, poo!). :)  You want to be looking in the big white blur below all that (the bottom third, center and center-right, of the image -- like between 3 and 6 on a clock).

At the very bottom of Kenya's belly you can see a fine, more-pure-white line that looks almost like a "u" (diagonally up and to the left of the word "SIZES" stamed on the bottom edge of the image). That's the edge of a puppy skull.  Keep looking more closely and you'll begin to see little round-ish areas clustered with and above and to the right of that skull. These are more puppy skulls.  The second image gives you a closer view.

If you look closely toward the bottom center of the image (right above where you see the letters "DCM/Id:ID" stamped on the x-ray) you'll see white round-ish areas. Those are heads. There are three right there clustered together, another a little up and to the right of where those heads are.

If I have time, I'll try to make things a little more visible.

Formatting with these images is tricky (Doc's office uses an older version of Windows; I have Windows 7; I do my photo editing and blog work on a MAC -- it's a compatibility nightmare!). :)

But I will try to get them sharpened, and maybe even do some mark-up on them so you can see better.

BUT if you look really carefully, the round whitish areas are heads, and the little things that look almost like centipedes are spines. :)

Happy counting (good luck). And if any of you are decent photo editors... have at it! :)

Enjoy. ;)

And how many heads do you see?

'Til next time,

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Momma Teece said...

How absolutely fabulous! Am thinking of happy healthy puppies and I am sure Kenya will be a great Momma! Hugs and butt rubs to all!