Thursday, March 25, 2010

NeoNate Videos (Nursing and Pottying)

Here are the first two of a few videos of the pups as newborns.

The first is of them nursing (make sure your sound is on), in which you can see their "kneading" action on Kenya's teats and hear some of their "singing" noises. :)

The second is of Kenya "stimulating" the pups to pee and poo while they are nursing (something the pups aren't thrilled about). Neurologically they are incapable "going" on their own yet; Kenya must groom them to get them to do so.

More to come. :) We're napping as we can (like with newborn human babies, Moms and Grandmoms have to nap when the babies do!).

For now, we're still on high alert about potential accidental smothering (as in what happened with one of the pups in Elsie's first litter). Kenya, however, seems to be extraordinarily careful for a first-timer, so it might be okay.

Whelping box has been thoroughly post-delivery scrubbed and refreshed; Momma Kenya has had a quick bath, all puppies are fed, everyone is back in the whelping box now.

Now it's time for some sleep and a shower! :)  Yes... in that order. :)

Happy puppy birthdays!!!  And GREAT job, Momma Kenya!

'til next time,


Little Red Hen said...

This has been fascinating. I didn't realize it took as long as it did to deliver all the puppies. I thought they all came out in one big whoosh. I have a 9 yr. old lab, who looks just like your reddish one. congrate and good luck.

Kathy said...

They are so adorable. Nine puppies! I love the chocolate ones. I'm so happy all are doing fine and what a momma Kenya is. How do they know all that new momma stuff anyway? I love your puppy delivery posts! That's what drew me to your site back when Elsie was delivering. By the way, how is Elsie doing with Kenya being the new mom now instead of her?

Shary said...

Guinness, our almost 6 year old female black lab, was absolutely fascinated by the puppies nursing and singing. I replayed it twice and she was as mesmerized as a kid watching a Disney movie.

scargosun said...

Wonderful! Love the info too. It's fascinating. Leaning and cuteness, it doesn't get anybetter.