Monday, March 22, 2010

There's One... and Another ... and Another... Oh My!

Okay... so since I suspect you're waiting with baited breath (well... maybe not, but I have been), I thought I'd give you a quick status on Kenya's vet visit this evening.

  • She weighed 101 pounds (poor girl!). That's lots of puppy weight.
  • Her temperature is still normal (phew). When it drops, it means she'll start labor within 24 hours. Stay tuned (we're doing daily temperature checks now).
  • She's producing milk (phew and uh-oh). "Phew" in that we suspect she'll have no trouble providing for her pups (yay), and that the pups will get the colostrum they so need to protect them; "uh-oh" in that Elsie never actually started dripping colostrum/milk from her teats until she was close (within 2 or 3 days)  to whelping. It seems a tad bit early to be able to express milk from Kenya, so maybe Kenya will be on the tad-bit early side.
  • oh... yeah.... the x-ray.  She had her tummy x-rayed.  It was a good x-ray.  Nice and clear. Lab tech did a great job.  
Did you really want to know what we saw in the x-ray?  (hee hee)

Well, I'm having some technical  issues getting the images posted here (will keep working on it tonight though).  But I DO have images to show you when I get it all figured out.

You did want to see the images, didn't you?

Oh... what did we see?

That's right.  I was going to tell you what we saw in the x-ray.

We saw lots of neat things:  Kenya's ribs, her intestines, her hips, her vertebrae...

Oh... and yes.... we saw... PUPPIES!!!!!  Puppy heads and puppy spines. :)

How many? 

Well... more than one and less than twenty.  How's that?

Hee hee.

So are you dying with anticipation yet?

Okay. I'll be nice.  I won't make you wait until I figure out the pics.

Little Miss Kenya Bean, after only tying once with Ridge and being a first-time mom (both usually indicators of smaller litters), has AT LEAST eight puppies in there.  Eight heads are absolutely clear on the x-ray.   Ah... but I'm pretty sure we're looking at nine... I think I see at least one more.

You'll have to let me know what you think once I get the images up (again, hopefully later tonight).

So much for a tiny litter this time. :)  Hee hee.  Puppies!  Lots of puppies! :)

Stay tuned for images.  I'm working on it!

'Til next time,

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Can't wait to see the photos.

Becky Lynn