Thursday, March 25, 2010

Miss Yellow and Miss Orange Make Nine!

Yup... it looks like the gang's all here now.  Two more black little girls bring this litter's grand total to nine! :)

Miss Yellow made her grand appearance at 12:03 (just past midnight) weighing in at 11 oz. and officially making this litter another 2-date litter.

And Miss Orange (for now marked with a pink/yellow double collar) decided to announce little self at 2:22 a.m. and weighing 13 oz.  Oh my, and announce herself she did... wiggly, strong, and vocal from the second she popped out!

She even posed for the camera (such a smart girl she is!)(hehe):

And here's the crew, belly up to the bar!

I'm certain we're done with delivery now (Kenya is acting like she is). And we have nine lovely little additions to our Lab family. :)

Here's our final tally:

6 girls, 3 boys
6 black (2 boys/4 girls), 3 chocolate (1 boy/2 girls)

And all are healthy and fine.

We still have some cleaning up to do, but I'll check in later today with some videos (hehe... the pups are singing away as I write this!). :)

How grateful we are for an uneventful whelping. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers (keep 'em coming... first days are critical).

Look for more a little later in the day.

'til next time,


Katherine Klegin said...

so exciting!!! your puppies are gorgeous, as usual. :)

Cindy Del Vecchio said...

Joan, they're beautiful! Congratulations! I'll keep praying until they're in their new homes, but especially over the next fews days (and certainly for you in your sleep-deprived state!). Enjoy them!!

Mary said...

Congrats to Kenya for delivering such beautiful puppies and to you guys for nine new grandchildren! : ) So many prayers and happy thoughts are coming to you and will continue to come until everyone has a forever home! Hugs!

Momma Teece said...

I am so happy for you and Kenya - have a calm day and catch a catnap listening to puppy song!

Joyce Koning said...

Oh WOW Joan how exciting 9 new furry babies they are sooooooo cute.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Joan, Kenya and the gang!!!...going to send you a separate email...LostinScotland (Bets)

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

YAY!!! the puppies are here!! I'm so glad that everything went smoothly and all are healthy and happy. We will keep the good thoughts and prayers coming your way!

Hobbes Dogs said...

Your pictures are bringing back memories of our litter from last summer - we had a litter of 9 blacks and chocolates too! Looking forward to watching your little ones growing up over the next couple weeks. Congratulations and best wishes to you all.

L^2 said...

Wow, Congrats again gang! Very glad to hear that everyone is healthy and happy.