Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Miss Lime Makes Five

Next up:  Little Miss Lime

Puppy #5, Lime rickrack, born 6:21 p.m., Black female, 12 oz

The sweet little girl had a rockier start than Pups 1-4; came out very quiet and limp, inhaled a boatload of fluid.

But a bulb aspiration or two and a good towel rubbing got her crying.  Warming her up helped, too (oven-warmed towels... yes the oven has about 15 white bar towels left sitting in there on a cookie sheet just ready for puppy duty!)

It took a while to get her nursing reflex in motion, but she's doing much better there, too.

So there we are.  Five delivered; at least three to go (and three placentas unaccounted for so far, too).

We seem to be in a lull again.

Stay tuned,

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