Saturday, March 27, 2010

Neonate Video: Circular Movement Trying to Find Mom

At this age (just under 2 days old when filmed), the pups instinctively (and perhaps by early neurological development)  push themselves around in a circle when they're looking for their mom.

Here's Mr. Blue, who squiggled away from the group, trying to locate Kenya.  I'm putting the video up in two short segments for easier uploading, but it was taken nearly continuously (just a few second break between the two clips).  Be sure to have your sound on.  You can hear Mr. Blue calling out to mom (ignore human noise in background!). :)

Not to worry. Here's the continuation. He does actually get there! :)

They do come equipped with several instinctive survival mechanisms (incredible to see), and they're surprisingly resilient, even at just 2 days old. It's amazing how far their movement has come already in just this short time!

And you gotta love their little noises. :)

But they are still very vulnerable (hence our 24-7 puppy watch). :)

More to come. Just trying to do things in bits as I'm able. You'll have to be patient with the old gal here (not as young as I used to be, and less stamina than I used to have!).  And I'm seriously sleep-deprived (though DH is wonderful about sharing the load - we tag team - a true partnership in puppy endeavors!).

I'll have more on the actual 2-day old report in the next few hours (and of course a few more pics and videos). Enjoy!

'til then,

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Anonymous said...

So fun to see the development! The noises are just too cute for words. Thanks for continuing to share puppy-updates, as I'm sure your reserve is running low with lack of sleep, and being "on" 24/7 while caring for them. It's fun to be able to share in the journey with you this way! Thinking about you guys and praying for continued smooth-sailing :-)