Thursday, April 22, 2010

3.5 Weeks Old: FOOD!

And so begins the slow transition from nursing to puppy food! :)

Yup, sometime during their fourth week of life, puppies begin to need more than just their mother's milk to live on and satisfy them. In the wild, the dam would hunt, eat, and then regurgitate partially digested food for her young pups to eat.

LOL... that's not happening here. :)

So, for their first introduction to food other than what they get nursing, we make a runny gruel of puppy formula (a canine milk replacement formula, kinda like baby formula except for puppies) thickened with dry puppy food (what they'll eventually be on completely later on). We blend the formula with the puppy food in a blender (more exposure to noises the puppies will hear in their future homes) until it's like a thin milkshake consistency.

Then we pour it into what we've dubbed the "flying saucer" pan (a circular puppy-feeding pan).

Add puppies, and you end up with a feeding frenzy! :)

Even for the very first time. Take a look:

They did QUITE well for never having had food before, don't you think?

More to come shortly... :)


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