Sunday, April 04, 2010

Puppy Pics from 8-10 Days Old (Cuteness Alert!)

Happy Easter All!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the last few days. I hope they bring you a smile. :)


Cindy Del Vecchio said...

I love Mr. Green's hiney shot! They are so totally adorable - I can't get over how fast they have grown. So glad this has been an "uneventful" litter so far!!

Erin said...

Mr Green is SO full of personality! He is one spunky fellow!! Whoever gets to have him in their family are going to be so lucky!!! We all loved watching his antics!
Still waiting on our puppies!

Charlene said...

My sister in law fell in love with the puppies. She said she wants 4 of them. i guess its to go with the 5 cats they already have and soon to have kittens to socialize from the shelter....I'm so happy that Kenya and the pups are doing so well. I'm sure they keep you very busy.

Anonymous said...
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Stella and Pals said...

Ms Joan-
Hi, I'm Stella and I'm new to the blogosphere. My Mama has been reading you furevers, all the way back to before Pinot was born she says!
Would you let the puppies know I gave them an award on my bloggy? I know they're super busy what with growing and all but I still wanted to recognize how awesome all of you are!