Thursday, April 01, 2010

A Cacophony of Puppy Noises

The pups here are six days old. I had planned to capture them settling down to sleep after I set then in the warming box (where they go while Kenya eats and I clean the whelping box... 4x a day).

I thought I'd get a short little clip of a some cute little wiggles and sighs.

LOL.. They had something else in mind. What follows is an astounding (at least in my mind) assortment of puppy vocalizations. Every time I think they're going to settle they start up again. :) Enjoy!

It's just another clip that made me smile (I giggled despite myself while I was taking the video). Make sure your sound is on!

'til next time,


Erin said...

noisy little buggers!!! Adorable! I cant WAIT!

JuliaR said...

Amazing! I like the vibration noise, like little otters. I'm impressed with how glossy their coats are. They are just beautiful, Joan.

Shary said...

Guinness says thanks for the entertainment. We both enjoyed watching and listening to them.

Anonymous said...

That was like watching the Waltons -- lab puppy-style. "Good night JohnBoy! Good night MaryEllen! Good night Grandpa! Get off me Elizabeth! You're squishing me JimBob!" Soooo cute :)