Monday, April 12, 2010

Cuteness Factor: 18 Days Old

What follows are a few more cuteness-factor pics (they get more squeezable every day!).


1. Miss Lime is being "socialized" by Aunt Jeanie (something we do several times a day now for very short periods of time).

2.  Kenya: "Look, Aunt Jeanie!  I have a rope and that makes me really special!  See!  See... I have a rope!"  (while Aunt Jeanie, my DTS, is socializing Mr. Green). :)

3.  In this picture, Miss Orange was doing the doggie paddle (on her back) in her sleep. :)

4.  Sleepy Miss Yellow shares a yawn (as the pups all do still quite a bit).

5. Miss White is Sleepy, too.

6.  The pups groom each other now that they're aware of each other.

7.  They've become expert, efficient nursers.

8.  Here, Miss Yellow demonstrates the classic puppy splay (Miss Yellow is sleeping contentedly - that's Kenya's paw to her right).

9.  All of the pups can sit now, most without wobbling and tipping over (heehee):

10.  They can walk now, too (unsteadily, but their unsteady gates get them where they want to go!).

11.  The still-toothless wonders happily chew on each other now. :)  Yom yom.  It won't be quite so happy when their teeth come in.

12. Though not hearing yet, the pups are much more visually aware of their surroundings. :)

13.  Their play, which lasts a whopping few minutes (no more), consists of pawing at, chewing on, and pouncing toward (and flopping over) each other.

14. In this picture, Miss Sky and Miss Yellow partake in sumo-wrestling, puppy style (and they both almost immediately tipped over!). :)

15. The pups eyes are clearing a bit, but still very blue.

That's life in the whelping box for now.  Tomorrow we're pulling out the puppy pen so we can move them from the whelping box to the pen when it's clean-up time (it's a little crazy cleaning the whelping box with nine squiggly puppies climbing all over my feet and legs).

All is well, and all the pups are doing fabulously!  :)  And DH and I are each getting about six hours sleep a night now (staggered... he goes to bed 2-3 hours before I do, then gets up 2 hours before me).

And so it goes.

'Til next time,


Mary said...

There is nothing cuter than puppies. I wish I could wiggle my nose and be there to see them and help you hug on them. : ) I'm glad such wonderful happiness is in your house right now!

Wendy said...

Am waiting for MORE pictures and words too - are you just a little busy??? Looks like fun and sooooo much work. I will be patient and wait calmly for your next blog.

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