Thursday, April 08, 2010

Puppy Report: We're TWO WEEKS OLD now!

It's us puppies again.

In case you're wondering about Gramma Joan, she's been busy helping Momma Kenya.  Momma Kenya had something called.... Mas.... Masti...ummm.... Mis....  ahhh.... begins with M.... anyway... Gramma will tell you about it. But Momma Kenya having it meant she got really hot (Gramma said "fever"), and it hurt her when we nursed, and her milk didn't flow as well as it could (made us frustrated and grumpy), and it means Gramma Joan spent lots of time putting hot cloths on Momma Kenya's tummy and massaging those things we get breakfast (and lunch and dinner and snacks and...) from.  Dr. Wagner gave Gramma Joan some medicine to give Momma Kenya, and Momma Kenya seems to be doing a lot better now.

Now, about us.

We're all two weeks old as of today (Thursday, April 8th).  Some of us turned two weeks old yesterday. 

Guess what????

We can open our eyes  (just barely).  Things are still really blurry, but we can tell the difference between light and dark, and we can notice movement.  And ALL of us have blue eyes for now (Gramma Joan says this will change).

Oh.. and we can almost walk!  Well, some of us do a pretty good immitation of a drunken sailor (whatever that it), and we stumble around a bit on all fours.  But we're getting pretty good at it, sorta.  Tough to do when you still can't see.  Gramma says we're kinda like Mr. Magoo without his glasses.  Who's Mr. Magoo?

Oh...and some of us have learned how to escape!  Mr. Red and Miss Pink are masters now. They tell us there's a great big world outside our little den!

And even though we're unsteady walking, we're getting pretty good at sitting and climbing (that will help us explore!):

Oh... and we're just starting to pee on our own, too (heehee... potty talk!). We leave little puddles around after we wake up.  Gramma Joan grumbles sometimes about Momma Kenya not doing her job the way she's supposed to cleaning up after us. But we don't care.  As long as we have a place to be be clean and dry.  And as long as we can go!  (phew...).

Gramma Joan said something about bringing out some toys for us this week.  What are toys?  She said that since we're starting to see things we need some visual stim... stum...sim.... ummm... it's another big word. She'll tell you about that later, too.

We're all plumping out as we should. For a puppy, being round is a good thing.  Gramma calls us chunky monkeys.  Most of us have tripled our weights, weighing from just under 3 pounds to about 3.5 pounds.  Right now Mr. Red and Miss Pink are the biggest, and Mr. Blue and Miss Lime are the smallest, but everybody is steadily growing and gaining weight as we should.

Oh... and one more thing.  We don't like it when it's really hot and humid.  We can't pant much yet, so we don't have a way to cool off.  That made us cranky for the past two days.  But Gramma Joan made sure we were as comfortable as we could be and that we got some extra nursing in (to stay hydrated). So we did okay with our first exposure to yucky hot weather.

As of today we get BIG pup rickrack for our collar change!  Must mean we're really growing up. Gramma will put up pictures.  And we get our nails trimmed again today, too.

That's it for now.  Time for a nap.  We're still sleeping about 90% of the time.  We sleep and dream and twitch and makes noises, then we wake up, pee, eat, pee again, then poo, waddle around and then go back to sleep some more.

That's life in the whelping box.

Bye for now!

Red, Lime, Sky, Yellow, Orange, Blue, White, Pink, and Green


Momma Teece said...

You are so beautiful chunky monkeys! You are all healthy and strong, and such pretty eyes. Tell Uncle Tuc we are a week old and growing up to be big black labs like him! Hugs and butt rubs from AZ!

scargosun said...

Soooo sweeet! Hope mommy Kenya is feeling better. Ouch!

Stella and Pals said...

This is your new pal Stella here. I just had to say how super cute you all are. It seems like just days ago I was your age. Okay well I was about three months ago.
Anyway, Mama and I are glad to hear Momma Kenya's Mastitis is doing better. Mama has known some humans with it and it sounds paaaainful. She can't imagine what it must be like when there are nine babies instead of one or two.
I must tell you, I feel your pain about hot weather. I'm a Christmas baby and I really disliked the hot weather we had here in PA around Easter (though Mama said it was kind of appropriate what with the whole new beginnings this with Easter! I have no idea what that means yet. I just go with what she says.) I do know one thing. Mama said with hot weather comes swimming, something she said I, and probably you guys, will really like. So you all keep getting bigger and maybe next time it's warm you'll be old enough to play in the water!

Puppy kisses,