Sunday, April 04, 2010

Our First Escapee!!!! :)

The pups, all 10-11 days old now (don't you just love this split birth date thing?!), are just starting to push themselves up onto all four legs. They're not walking yet, but will be soon. For now, their rear legs haven't quite caught up to the front legs in strength and development, but they're getting more even every day.

In this clip, Mr. Red is the first awake and ready to nurse of the rest of the litter (after Kenya sauntered into the whelping box, and then sauntered out... the tease!). He REALLY wants his mom and goes to great lengths (for an 11-day-old) to let her know (what a howl!) and to find her. His scrambling should give you an idea of how mobile the little ones have become.

And though he can't quite walk yet, he sure can climb!

And that, dear readers, is why the whelping box sides are so high. The lip over which Mr. Red escaped effectively disappears when we put that side of the whelping box back up (that's the hinged side we leave down to allow Kenya to come and go).

Not to worry. He was just fine. And he discovered a world beyond the whelping box!

Just wait until they have open eyes and unsealed ears (next week sometime)! Then their world really expands.

Heehee... we're in trouble now! Look out world. :)

'Til next time,

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