Monday, April 26, 2010

She's Back! :)

Ahhhhh... the sweet sound of canine tonails evenly clicking on the kitchen floor!

Yup... the Kenya bean is up on all fours this evening (yay!).  :)  She ate her dinner (yay!), and is now pacing (evenly on all four limbs) between DH (in kitchen) and me (in office) showing off her bone  (remember... Kenya always carries a bone -- which is why it's alarming when she doesn't).

And yes, her tail wag and wiggle are back. :)  (Double yay!)

Joy, joy, happy dance! :)

Nope, we still don't know what's wrong or what happened, and, no, she hasn't nursed the pups since we gave her Rimadyl.  We'll let it pass through her system before we allow her to nurse them again.

Not to worry: The pups little tummies are very full nonetheless. :) They love puppy gruel and kibble. ;o)

Just thought you'd like to know.

'til next time,

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scargosun said...

SO glad to hear this! Our lab mix once hurt her leg jumping off the bed onto the hardwood floor and was limping. We were FRANTIC! With a little anti-inflammatory meds she healed quickly. Maybe Kenya just twisted herself when trying to get relief from the infection. In any case I am really glad to hear she is doing better.