Thursday, April 01, 2010

Puppy Report: We're ONE WEEK OLD!

Grandma Joan is taking a break (she needs a nap) so we're going to give you our update instead.

It's us.  The puppies! :)  We're growing so fast!!!!!

We're all ONE WEEK OLD now.

And, we know..., you probably think we've just been lollygagging around eating and sleeping and pooing and peeing and such.  Ah... but we've been doing SO much more.

Here's the lo-down:

  • We've all more than doubled our weight. 
  • We have round rumps now (unlike those bony butts we had when we popped out)
  • We can squiggle (kinda like salamanders)
  • We pile now (PUPPY PILE!)
  • We can make all kinds of noises (see the video underneath this entry).
  • We had our first vet visit (we look great!).
  • We had SURGERY and got STITCHES  (Well.... sorta... we had our dew claws removed requiring one stitch in each foreleg when we were 2 days old. We didn't like it, but it was quick, and we all healed quickly). All done. Check.
  • We've started ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation). Gramma Joan wrote about this a couple times before, (in a blog entry about Stages of Puppy Development for one of Elsie's litters)  but it's supposed to make us healthier and stronger when we grow up.  All we know is that, for about 3-5 seconds, just 1x per day, Gramma Joan...
    • tickles our toes with q-tips
    • holds us on our back in her hands
    • holds us head up, perpendicular to the ground
    • holds us head down
    • lays us on a cold surface (like the table top or a damp towel)
  • We've all had our nails clipped (we were scratching Momma Kenya's tummy when we pushed on her)
  • We're all willing to be cuddled regularly, too... just a little... by Gramma Joan and Grandpa Don and Aunt Jeanie.  Not too much yet.  But just enough to help us like humans as much as we like Momma Kenya.
  • We all have NEW collars (well... rickrack... but it works).  And we've changed our collars TWICE now already. That's how fast we're growing.
  • We only sleep 90% of the time now, instead of 95%. :)

That's about it for now.  Phew. We're tired, and we gotta get back to the hard work of growing. :)  We'll check in with you next week for another puppy report.


Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Lime, Yellow, White, Sky, & Orange

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Shary said...

Dear Puppies,
My mum stepped away from the computer for a few minutes so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to write to you. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to keep us (me and my mum) up on your progress. You're certainly looking good.