Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Deed is Done!

The Sweet Sarah Girl Child is married! She and Chris tied the knot on the 28th, then honeymooned in Saint Lucia, then returned two days ago.

And all went well -- far beyond our hopes and expectations (and theirs, too, I think). I couldn't have asked for more.


This shot is from the rehearsal dinner (a wonderful event hosted by Chris's family).

The next few are from the wedding (the delay in my blogging has been my wait to get some real photos!):

Here's the new couple making their grand entrance at the reception. The sunglasses were a hit! The entire bridal party wore them for their entrances.

Oh, and have I ever introduced you to my three original human kids? Together? Here they are: l to r: Jon (20), Sarah (21, almost 22), Dan (24)

Since the wedding I now have four human kids (welcome, Chris!). We're not into that "in-law" thing. Chris is just another member of the family now. Yay! ;o)

And we still have our canine kids, too, who have been seriously requesting more attention from us with all the attention we've given the human kids over the last few weeks. (Sorry, Lab-kids, but sometimes the human kids have to take precedence!)

Geez... even canines do the sibling rivalry thing!

Baxter, Elsie, Ridge, Kenya, and Pinot are, of course, delighted that home life is returning to normal. They love hanging out in the kitchen when we're cooking (or making fruit salad as Don is below):

And we're back to doing more training and playing and exercising and such with them now that the big event is over with (more on that in another post to come).

In two very short weeks, however, we'll be "losing" Baxter, Sarah, and Chris to Maine. A Royal Bummer :o( for us, but TERRIFIC for them (honestly -- we're delighted for them).

And we can always visit (Maine is beautiful).

But in just two days we'll have ANOTHER addition to the family (Master Green from AZ) to distract us. I'm flying out Saturday to pick him up and will return Sunday. I'll post his most recent pictures separately.

So... the deed is done. We're all tickled, exhausted, relieved, and looking forward to this next season of life. We're gradually reclaiming a new normalcy.

God-willing, and hopefully, this next season will be filled with good things and life and joy (unlike the last season).

We're looking at Sarah's and Chris's wedding and the arrival of Master Green as the start of all things good for a while -- a change of tide, if you will. We're due, I think.

In any case we really needed this joyous, fun event. It's done us all good.

And congrats, Sarah and Chris! We love you both and wish you all the joy your new life together can hold!

'Til next time,


Jonathan said...

Have you started thinking of names for Master Green? Since little Miss Black (noir) became Pinot, how about Beane?

juditudes said...

Oh Joan,
Your Sarah looked absolutely beautiful and glow-y. I am so happy to hear the wedding was a smashing success. Thanks for sharing some photos of the big day -- I have been checking your blog everyday hoping to read some news. Here's a toast to better days ahead for you and yours and the ones on all fours! Amen and amen!

theresa said...

Mom, you did great, Sarah looks stunning! Tell her I love the fuschia dresses!

L^2 said...

Congratulations to Sarah & Chris. Glad to hear the wedding went well. And wow those are some bright dresses! :-)

JuliaR said...

Lovely! And so excited about New Pup!