Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuc vs. Baxter

Don't pay too much attention to today's entry's title; it's not really Tuc versus Baxter.

It's more like Tuc compared to Baxter, and I must admit their similarities far outweigh their differences (at least so far).

Take a look:

Tuc is a lap dog:

Tuc sometimes likes to lie down to eat:

Tuc loves to be held (Baxter used to snuggle with Dear Oldest Son like this, too -- oh, and the human-type in this photo happens to be Dear Oldest Son):

Tuc is a couch potato (well, when he's sleepy):

The dishwasher fascinates Tuc (truth be told, this wasn't just a Baxter thing; the dishwasher fascinated all the canine kids as pups):

Tuc is awfully cute:

Tuc has claimed the deck furniture as his own (only Baxter did this before):

Tuc waits patiently while we putter in the kitchen (that's Dear Youngest Son making his lunch):

Tuc adores the water:

Tuc sits and watches the world go by:

Tuc devours ice cubes (that's him munching up the leftovers of the ice we just gave him):

Tuc likes the hammock:

Tuc is HIGHLY food motivated (loves to train for treats!):

Tuc does NOT like visiting the veterinarian's office (that's him hiding under the bench in the vet's exam room):

Gosh...the more similarities between Tuc and Baxter I list here, the more it seems we have a Baxter Incarnate!


Not really.

Tuc is his own person, with his own personality and quirks. Physically he's much different than Baxter, too.

We don't want Tuc to replace Baxter (never intended as much): The Boos will always be The Boos. And, besides, we'll still get to see him now and then.

Tuc has his own shoes to fill.

But I must admit I find their similarities heartwarming.

Tuc is our little buddy now (he follows us everywhere). Instead of the Baxter Boos we have Tuc, the Tuckster, Tucker, the Tucmeister, my little Tucker Bud, and whatever other pet names he accumulates in the next few months.

And all the while he's still Tuc -- the Labrador retriever God intended Tuc to be, and no other.

We're richer for it.

Yes, I miss Baxter, but the Tucster has gone a long way toward filling his own place in my heart, right along side the spot filled by Boos (and the spots belonging to Elsie and Ridge and Kenya and Pinot and Stoney and Strider and Penny, my dog from childhood).

There's plenty of room for them all.

Tuc vs. Baxter then? So alike; so different; both celebrated, and both dearly loved.

'Til next time,


Mary said...

Hey, how did you get all those pictures of my Lab when she was a puppy? : ) My little girl and your Tuc would make great friends as my Hope did all the same things as Tuc is doing when she was a puppy. MAN, I love Labs!

And you are right, new memebers of the family never replace the ones who are gone, they just chisel out a section of your heart for their own. God has truly blessed you with your Tucmeister. May you have many happy days a head of you!

Charlie said...

Tuc is so cute!

I'm passing a Brillante award on to you. Stop by when & get it when you have a chance. Lab Tails is just wonderful!
- Anne & Charlie

Cheryl said...

LOVE the pictures!! My boys love my dishwasher as well. Too funny!

Joan said...


Hehe...Labs sure do look a lot alike as pups -- especially black labs!

Gotta luv 'em... they're the best.

And yes, we do indeed feel blessed with the little Tucmeister! :o)

Enjoy that little girl of yours!


Joan said...

Hey Cheryl,

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. :o)

And what is it about dishwashers?

Must be the scents -- silly canine kids.

At least they don't try this stand-on-the-door trick when they grow up -- we'd be replacing dishwasher doors like crazy otherswise!

Thanks for commenting; it's great to hear from you!


Joan said...

Wow, Charlie (and Anne), we're honored... we'll be by shortly to check it out!

Thanks for thinking of us!