Friday, July 18, 2008

Tuc's Favorite Chew Items

The Tucmeister is doing just fine acclimating to our gang. I think we're officially "his" already (he's right at home, strutting his stuff, barking when he protests something, playing hard, sleeping just as hard, only whimpering a minute or two when we crate him, nearly housebroken, sleeping 7 hours at night now, etc.). He's even warmed up to Baxter, by whom he was completely intimidated when the Boos returned with Sarah and Chris yesterday. I suspect Baxter's size had something to do with it (poor little guy hid behind Kenya when Boos first came in). ;o)

And being a little Labby, Tuc loves to chew. Here are some of his favorite chew items right now:

Booda ropes, especially if they're in Pinot's or Kenya's mouths:

Nylabones of any kind:

Mom's shoelaces (anywhere, anytime, moving or still):

The camera strap:

The toys Grandma Teese (Theresa of Sundancer Labs in AZ) gave me:

And soft toys, rawhides, the other canine kids' collars and tags, the other kids' tails, and the edges of the water bowl. :o)

So far he's staying out of chewing trouble, sticking mostly with what he's supposed to chew on. And he responds excellently to "ah, ah, ah" and "leave it" if we catch him chewing on a no-no item.

What a pup! He fits right in, and the big kids have really taken to him (especially Kenya and Pinot). I couldn't have asked for a better transition.

So, okay then...when's the other foot going to fall?

'Til next,

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Thoughts said...

OMG that puppy is just SO CUTE! I just want to snuggle up to him :)