Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You Guys are Famous! And Many Thanks!

A note from me (Mamma Joan) to you (Regular Reader):

I'm away teaching at at a writers' conference this week, and, for the first time in my speaking career, one of the workshops I'm leading is about blogging (What is it? Why bother?).

Of course, LabTails is my favorite of the blogs I maintain, so I used LabTails for many teaching examples, and that's largely because of you readers. What a warm, enthusiastic, caring bunch you are! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised since Labrador retrievers are warm, enthusiastic, and caring by nature. It only makes sense that their humans would be, too.

But you've taken the time to tell me. :o) And I don't think I've ever said "thank you."

Consider this your official note of appreciation then. I'm indebted to you all. But also know that I've been bragging about you. :o)

The aspiring writers and bloggers here are amazed that my little blog about life with our canine crew draws so many readers from so many parts of the world. And you know what? It encourages them! Good people do exist our there on the Internet, and they aren't always silent. It gives new bloggers hope that they, too, can experience uplifting community on this weird, wacky, and wonderful world-wide web.

So know that your engagement with little 'ol me and our critters at LabTails encourages those who attend my workshops (and those who listen to the workshop tapes).

But, even more, you encourage me (almost as much as my canine crew!).

"Thank you" doesn't do justice to how grateful I am for you. But it will have to do.

'Til next time,


kayceebeebee said...

Reading your blog just makes me hungry for more! Everyday I check and sometimes twice or three times a day. I love your pictures of the dogs! And I love to hear about their everyday life.

JuliaR said...

Man, I don't check your blog for a while (because you weren't posting) and I come back and you have, like, TEN posts! I am pleased to hear that all is well with all the dogs. More puppies! Yikes.

I liked your comments about how blogs encourage community in people. That is the feeling that I get from them too. I have now met two bloggers who I read for years and the meetings were terrific. And I know two bloggers who met and fell in love (with each other). :)

Thoughts said...

Glad your workshop went well! Keep up the awesome posts! I love hearing about your dogs' lives and seeing all the photos you post!