Thursday, July 17, 2008

Settling In

Tuc is officially Kenya's and Pinot's littermate now.

This morning, he actually snagged the booda rope from the girls (they let him have it) and trotted away with it like he was God's Gift to Creation while the two of them followed making "play" attempts at getting the rope back from him.

Talk about hilarious. And his victory didn't last long (all of about 20 seconds). :o)

Kenya and Pinot are taking him in like he's a little bro.

Since Elsie is in heat (and due to mate with Ridge early next week), she's oblivious to it all. Ridge's attention is, of course, ELSE-where (hehe).

And, get this: Elsie is moving into prime heat over the next few days, and Pinot just started to drip this morning (yup, Pinot is in heat, too).

Pass the Benedryl, please. :o) (Our vet recommends Benedryl as a light sedative for Ridge when the girls are in heat).

Oh...I forgot...I have to be away next week to teach at a conference. Doggone it! Shucks. Too bad. I won't be here for all the excitement (and the all-night howling). ;o) Can you hear how disappointed I am?


Seriously, Don is taking next week off to be here with the kids (of all varieties). I'm away Monday through Thursday, then we help the newlyweds pack and load their trucks/vans/cars Thursday PM and Friday, after which they head off into the sunrise (Maine is east of us) for their new life together. Don is a master packer (one of his college jobs many years ago was working for North American Van Lines), so while he's puppy-sitting (Tuc), mating supervising (Ridge & Elsie), and chastity protecting (Pinot), he'll be helping Sarah and Chris get ready for their move.

And Baxter will be home with them all week, too (Sarah and Chris return from the cottage with Baxter today).

Teaching at the conference, normally exhausting, is starting to sound like a vacation to me.


As I write this, the little Tuc-meister is really into pounce-and-play (early morning and evening seem to be his super active times). :o) I guess that means he's feeling at home.

And that means next week's conference is looking even more like a vacation!

'Til next time,

P.S. Here's a sample romp-story in pictures (aka, Mornings at My House):

Pinot and Tuc tug the rope together:

Pinot decides to trot away with the rope with Tuc in tow:

Tuc lets go -- "Hey Pinot, wait up!"

Pinot stops, turns, and teases Tuc with the rope:

Ah, but the little guy manages to snag the rope, then runs behind the recliner with it. Poor Pinot. "Hey, Tuc...where'd'ya go?"

"Tuc, are you over here on this side?"

"There you are back on the other side! I think I'll just grab the rope and pull you right out over the magazine rack!"

"Let's do it again!"

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Thoughts said...

Such cute pictures! Glad everyone is getting along so famously :)

Benson and Gibson