Thursday, July 24, 2008


The Elsie Girl...

who happens to be a great Mom to all puppies she encounters (she's adopted Tuc)...

will likely be a mommy again in about nine weeks. :o)

She and Ridge, our mature studly,...

successfully tied twice this week -- a planned mating. We suspect she's conceived by how Elsie is acting already. She gets more people needy.

So, we'll have to wait and see. BUT it looks like we might be having puppies in late September. :o)

We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, we have our hands full with the Tucmeister!

What a busy, sweet, wonderful boy he is!

'Til next time,

Joan (who's still away at the conference but who will also be home soon!)


Mary said...

Congrats in advance on the news of possibly puppies again! : ) Should be interesting to see how Pinot and Tuc both react to the puppies. I can't wait to hear the news and watch the developments!

Meg said...

oooh, congratulations! How thrilling, can't wait to see the updates. I still miss my yellow lab (passed away years ago), so I really love reading your blog.

Susan said...

My name is Susie and i found your blog while doing some internet research on breeding and whelping. Our golden retreiver whelped a litter in Fall '06. A great experience for all and all of her puppies went to close friends and family. We just bred her again in late June. We had 2 successful ties with Putter the sire on June 25 and June 27. My vet palpated her on July 23 ( a couple of days ago) and had a tough time making an accurate pregnancy diagnosis due to her size (92 lbs) and he just wasn't sure. We have people calling daily wanting a pup if she is indeed pregnant but I am unable to confirm. How do you plan to determine Elsie's pregnancy? Palpation? Ultrasound? I am just wondering what someone with your experience feels. What is your opinion on palpation? Please advise when you get a minute! Thanks so much!
we have A 9 year old yellow lab and he and Elsie look alot alike! We called him the "grumpy uncle" when our Golden had her last litter! He did not like all the pestering that he got from them ! :)