Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pinot's Pool Competitor

I suspect Pinot isn't the only one interested in pool play. Whadya think?

Hehe. I think she's met her match.

'Til next time,


Meesh said...

I can't believe how quickly he's growing! Makes me remember the puppyhood of my Chocolate fur-bundle last year. Now he is a semi-mature 1 year and 9 months! I miss being able to scoop him up-but don't miss the razor sharp teeth he was forever using on me! Still bearing scars but loving him more and more every day! Enjoy every puppy minute-they go by so fast! Chester's mom

Joan said...

Meesh... I can't believe how fast Tuc is growing, either. It sounds like Chester and Pinot are pretty close in age -- and all of a sudden, Pinot now wants to be snuggly. She was so as a little pup, then was too independent with the other dogs to want our laps, and now she's back to being our snuggle-bug.

Gee, maybe adolescent pups do that same thing human kids do -- the too-cool-to-be-seen-with-a-parental-unit thing. :o)

Yup... we're trying to take our time and enjoy Tuc every moment of his puppyhood!

Keep enjoying that Chester-boy of yours!