Monday, August 04, 2008

Update on Baxter and Snickers

That's our Baxter (above, and Snickers the Cat is in the carrier behind him) just about ready to begin an adventurous trip with DD and her hubby to Maine (and an adventure it was when the U-Haul they rented got a flat stranding them in Mass. for an extra couple of hours!). They made it though, and they've been there just over a week now, arriving safely and getting settled all week.

It's been a weird week here without Baxter. We miss him; we really do.

BUT it appears he's enjoying a fine life in Maine. Here are some pictures DD took at their new home:

It seems Baxter thoroughly enjoys planting that big head of his on the back of the sofa while gazing out the window watching the world go buy (something he couldn't do here -- no big window, and nothing to see).

Snicks and he are buds again. And Baxter is finally eating (he'd lost his appetite for a few days).

And, he is, of course getting loads of lovins from Sarah and Chris.

There's a great park nearby where his humans walk him, but he's not streetwise (never was here). The newlyweds live "downtown" in a small borough, and Baxter loves wandering all over the sidewalks and street (even on lead) as they maneuver him to the park.

It was one thing to take Baxter off-lead here on our back-country dirt roads (he was fabulous and quite obedient off-lead); quite another to do so in town (even in a small village).

So Sarah keeps him on lead all the time now.

It sounds like he's doing wonderfully. And it sounds as if he's every bit as needed there as I expected he would be. :o)

I'm glad -- for Baxter and his humans alike. And Snickers, too.

It's a better life for them all; one I'm glad we could make a bit easier, even if it meant letting go.

Losses really can be gains, if we're willing to look hard enough.

And that makes the losses worthwhile.

'Til next time,


Meesh said...

So glad you can see the positive side of Baxter and Snickers going to Maine-not to mention your human kids! Seeing Baxter Boos looking out the window was so cute. Makes one wonder what he is thinking-as I often do with my boy Chester. Baxters upside down couch antics look just like Chester's yesterday when we had company and he wanted to make sure he was center of attention. I'm sure the Tuc-ster is giving you plenty to keep your mind off the newlyweds. Chester's Mom

Mary said...

Baxter is thinking YAHOOOO!!!! I'm the only lab and I get ALL the attention! Even though I love my family of labs I'm the only one here and I get ALL the attention. Except for Snickers of course but hello, Labs rule, cats well, their cool.

This coming from a Mom of one lab and two cats. : ) Looks like they are all getting used to being on their own.

JuliaR said...

I love him looking out the window. His head looks like it weighs 10 pounds! I am not convinced any dog is street wise so I am glad to hear about using the leash. The only time I ever stopped using the leash with my old Lab was when she was so arthritic, she could only totter around slowly. No danger of getting run over then!

Theresa said...

The Boos is a lucky boy! So Happy to hear they kids (furry and non) are doing well - hugs from AZ to you and the gang!

Joan said...

Okay, guys (Meesh, Mary, Julia, and Theresa)... you're all absolutely right. Baxter is THRILLED to have all the attention! :o)

What a ham! :o) And I'm tickled he can have the attention he so desires.

I do wonder, sometimes, what goes on in his head (in all their heads, for that matter).

It's all good!

Yup...lucky dogs (all).

Even more blessed humans! :o)