Monday, August 18, 2008

Baxter Update, Part 2 (from Maine)

Yup, I'm still in Maine.

I think I mentioned in my last post that yesterday was the Sweet Girl Child's birthday -- her first since becoming an old married lady and since she and her new hubby moved to Maine.

She was bumming big-time last week when she thought she'd be celebrating alone (well, with only DH, and not anyone from home). We kept our visit a surprise.

And a surprise it was.

But the week before was a killer week for her, especially since she was anticipating how much she'd be missing us on her special day.

Her DH was in on our surprise, and he did a remarkable job of not spilling the beans, but it was tough. When DD called home in tears Friday night wanting to talk to me (I was in the car on my way to Maine), my DH (Don) also did a remarkable job not giving away our unexpected visit.

But it nearly killed him not to tell. And it nearly killed DD's DH not to tell.

DD is fine now, of course. Her momma (me), along with her aunt and cousin, came to celebrate with her and her DH.

And, of course, there's nothing like a Maine lobster dinner to chase the blues away. In the following photo, taken at the WeatherVane restaurant, she looks surprisingly happy, don't you think? Here she is with her DH.

And here I am with them:

The Dear Sweet Girl Child's (DSGC) hubby started his classes about two weeks ago, and DSGC has been feeling a bit isolated ever since. Here they are together in front of his main class building at University of New England:

And since her DH started classes, Baxter has become a saving grace for her:

Even Snickers helps (bad picture of the DSGC, but you get the idea):

The four-legged critters have become an integral part of this just-starting-out-together family. They add a tangible warmth to what otherwise might feel like an impersonal, temporary living situation.

And, in some ways (not to give them too much credit), I think they're keeping both kids (DD and her DH) sane.

Here's the Boos helping the DSGC open her birthday gifts on Sunday (that's her cousin on the left and her hubby behind the island in the center):

It warms my heart to see just how Baxter has adopted the newlyweds as his new alphas. They're everything to him.

Just this afternoon, for example, after running errands, DD and I brought a new grunting duck home for Baxter. And, don't you know, the person to whom he really wanted to show off was DD's DH (not me, like he used to do). He so wanted to strut his stuff for Chris. And strut he did.

Once he was done showing off, he settled down on his hammock, duck in mouth, of course:

And every time he wanted to show off again, he'd do so, but just for them (not me).

And, you know what? That's really okay with me.

When you love someone, four-footed or two-legged, you want what's best for that someone, even if it means sacrifice or loss. Do I miss Boos? You bet. Am I sad that he's taken so to DD and her DH? Not in the least. If anything, it endears him to me all the more.

Baxter is giving my human kids (and I consider my new SIL one of my kids now) what they need most: love, loyalty, and constant primary affection. It's what they need, and what's good for him, too.

And if that means I take a back seat, then that's as it should be. We had our time with Boos, and now it's time for him to enrich other lives in ways he enriched ours.

And since those other lives include my DSGC and her DH, it's perfectly fine with me.

Besides... we have the Tucmeister to keep us busy. ;o)

'Til next time,

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Susie said...

you Joan, are such a good mom both to your human and canine is Elsie looking these days? can't wait til the end of Sept when the pups are here!