Friday, August 29, 2008

Elsie Update: The Wide Load Gets Wider :o)

Sweet Elsie Girl.

We have no doubt she has a tummy full of puppies now. We'll take her to get x-rayed in about 10 days (Sept 8, 9, or 10 depending on when we can get in to see our vet), but there's no doubt about her pregnancy. :o)

She's sleeping a lot lately, lazing around much of the time, and not really interested in playing with Pinot, Kenya, or Tuc (they seem to "know" something's different with her, too, leaving her in peace most of the time). She still runs, and barks, and eats as she should, and she wants to retrieve, but she's definitely lower key than her usual low-key. ;o)

It seems she's widening every day (maybe I just really feel for her!). These shots were taken early this morning before DH left for work (sorry about the lighting; it's overcast and the sun was barely up). In the first shot, that's DH having his usual yogurt and homemade granola for breakfast out in the backyard with the canine kiddos (Elsie didn't leave his side):

She's also redeveloped her udder (so much for a girlish figure, eh?!):

Elsie is, of course, people-needy, too. But she seems less insecure this time. Perhaps it's because this is her second pregnancy (Elsie is an experienced dam now) and she has a better idea of what's happening. Or maybe it's that she's matured. I don't know (I'll never claim to know what goes on in Labrador heads). In any case, she wants attention, but she's not quite as insistent as she was a year ago with her first pregancy.

She does, however, still like to hide her head between our knees (a little difficult when her humans both have short inseams!):

She's obviously getting more uncomfortable (pant more; restless when she tries to sit, etc.), so soon we'll change her feedings to three smaller meals a day (instead of her regular two larger ones). All those puppies in there tend to squish the stomach. :o)

If you recall, last time Elsie delivered nine pups (we lost one the next day, so ended up with eight). I suspect she'll have just as many in this litter, perhaps even more (based on her belly size already).

But I hope not. She only has nine teats, one for each pup if that's how many she has. If she ends up with more, we'll have to rotate feedings or supplement the pups who don't get as much. It becomes more complicated as the size of the litter grows.

We'll have an idea of what we'll be dealing with in ten or twelve days, after we count puppy spines in the x-rays. :o)

Until then, there's really not much we can do but wait and watch her grow. :o)

Poor thing... she's huge. I can't imagine how big she'll be when it's time for her to deliver! But she's doing just fine.

All is well and going as expected.

Stay tuned!

Til next time,


Jamie said...

Dakota is a lot like her mom Elsie. She loves to bury her head in our legs too. I see many similarities when reading the posts and seeing pics. Can't wait to see the new pups.

Katherine Klegin said...

I've been lurking for a good while now, and I just LOVE all your stories. It's so neat to be able to keep up with what's going on in your little labbies lives. Elsie is a gorgeous girl and we can't wait to see the new pups!

Susie said...

now that is the update I have been waiting for! I am living vicariously through you guys and Elsie- today would have been the whelp date if our Brennie had gotten pregnant when we bred her in June :(
Following Elsie's pregnancy is the next best thing!! :)

Joan said...

Katharine and Susie,

Only three weeks to go! I'll be updating about Elsie for sure next Tuesday (the 9th) after her x-rays. :o)

It's SO hard to wait, but with the rest of our crew here we've got plenty of other stuff to think about (makes the wait go faster!).

Keep checking back. :o) And thanks for rooting for Elsie. :o)


Joan said...


Dakota's pics at Green Lane are gorgeous; she looks like a natural in the water. Pinot finally got there and was swimming very smoothly by our last day at the cottage.

I suspect Dakota and Pinot are similar in temperament, too. Pinot has REALLY settled down in the last month: much calmer and more snuggly, MUCH less puppy-impish. And she's far more focused when we work with her. I guess they're growing up, eh?

I'm tickled Dakota is working out so well for you guys.

Hey, did you hear Killian (another of their litter-mates) is going to Bird Camp (hunting camp) with his owner in the next month or two (soon, I just don't remember when)? That's way cool!

I'd love for Don to do that Pinot and Kenya... but not THIS fall (hehe)!