Monday, August 25, 2008

Back from the Cottage

We're back from a few days away at the cottage where Pinot and Tuc tried swimming for the first time, Kenya and Pinot roamed in the woods off-lead for the first time, Tuc learned to retrieve, and Kenya honed her dock-jumping skills!

I'll give you the details about their adventures over the next couple of days.

But since it's late (and we only just returned), I'll give you a quick report:

1. Kenya is every bit the smooth, wonderful water retriever she was last year. AND she's jumping from the dock now.

2. Pinot wasn't intimidated by the lake at all. She jumped right in after Kenya and didn't want to come out again. Granted, she had to work on her stroke a bit, but she's definitely a water dog. :o)

3. Master Tuc is a natural in the water. :o) Wait 'til you see his learning-to-swim adventure on Wordless Wednesday! :o)

4. Elsie grew EVEN LARGER during the time we were away (we left Friday afternoon and returned this evening... that's only three days). I couldn't believe it when I saw her, and the poor thing has FOUR weeks to go (oh my!).

5. And now all the canine kids are snoozing soundly, the three cottage-returnees completely wiped out by a few days of non-stop play!

6. Poor Pinot came home with cold-water tail (a mild case). But more on that tomorrow, too.

7. And Tuc learned to retrieve!

Anyway, we're all back safe and sound. I'll edit the photos and post more over the next couple of days. I can't wait to upload some of the pictures! :o)

'Til next time,


kayceebeebee said...

Fun! Can't wait to see more pictures of the pups! It's so fun to read your blog. I just love dog adventures.

Sarah H, Austin, TX said...

Joan--Looks like a blast! Has anyone ever looked into whether "cold water tail" is related to muscle strain? My black lab mix went swimming for the 1st time this summer and just like Pinot, ended up with cold water tail. I'm in Texas so the water was actually quite warm and I wondered if it was more related to the strain a dog probably puts on it's tail and hind end muscles the first time he/she swims (esp while they are still learning to swim smoothly)? Thank you so much for info on this topic, I was so thankful to have already read about it before it happened to Shiloh this summer! -Sarah TX