Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: The Good Life (Baxter Version)


Niko Taylor said...

cute dog!

Geegs said...

He looks so HAPPY in Maine!!

Mary said...

Yep, I'm thinkin he hit the jackpot of life.

Geegs said...

What kind of food does Baxter eat?! His coat is soooooooo shiney!!

Meesh said...

What a handsome big boy he is!! And they look like a very happy family!

Joan said...

Yup, Baxter is one HAPPY boy in Maine. It's a great life for him.

And he SO loves Sarah and Chris (and they him). Maine is definitely a good thing.

We feed all our dogs (Baxter, too... Sarah and Chris just continued what we do) Purina Pro Plan Plus for Large Breed Dogs.

We also use a granular supplement on their food once a day called "Missing Link." And we've had NO trouble with the dogs' skin or coats since we started a few years ago.

Baxter coat is silky smooth and shiny, as are Kenya's and Tuc's. Elsie, Ridge, and Pinot's coats all feel fabulous, too, but they don't shine the way the black coats do.

We're sold on both Pro Plan Plus and Missing Link. And as long as it continues to work, we'll keep using it.

Oh, btw, we also DO NOT give our dogs people-food (no table scraps). We might use cheese for training and peanut butter to give them medication, or we occasionally allow them to lick an ice cream bowl, but they don't eat our food regularly. It's just not good for them (and their coats are better for it).

Yup, the Boos is very happy in Maine, and Sarah and Chris are better for having him.

It's all good.

But I'm still really glad I went and saw things first-hand. :o)