Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday!

The Pinot Girl is ONE YEAR OLD now, can you believe it?

So before I forget...

Happy Birthday to:

& Killian

Yup, yesterday and today are their one-year birthdays. Remember, Elsie delivered some of her litter on August 25th last year, and the rest on the 26th (long labor).

I just had to take a minute to wish all Pinot's litter-mates' owners well with their now year-old pups. We're celebrating here with Pinot (what a sweet, beautiful girl she's becoming) and hope this finds them all celebrating, too!

Happy, happy birthday gang!

'Til next time,



Geegs said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PINOT!!! Sure looks like you had a grand time at the lake!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday! Time flies when you are having fun and it doesn't seem like it's been a year. Oh wait, my girl just turned a year old about a month ago but I still see the puppy she was. Pinot is a beautiful young lady.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to pinot and all of Killian's littermates. I dont think he wanted to be one yet. He took his birthday hat off and ripped it to shreds before we could even get a picture. He's got a lot of dad in him. His smoked legbone and toys were much more fun to open though. It's been a fun ride this last year. Killian and I will be going to birdschool in a couple months, we can hardly wait. Vacation and a learning experience for us both.

Happy birthday again to all

theresa said...

Happy happy joy joy - we're all one today!